Beef/Bacon/Brats Box (Delivery-BIL)
Beef/Bacon/Brats Box (Delivery-BIL)
Beef/Bacon/Brats Box (Delivery-BIL)
Beef/Bacon/Brats Box (Delivery-BIL)

Beef/Bacon/Brats Box (Delivery-BIL)

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This box contains the highest quality local Montana meat! Conveniently packaged, this combo contains ground beef, bacon and brats. 

Each serving is individually vacuum sealed.

Included in the Triple B Box: 

~1 pack of ground beef (85/15)

~1 pack of bacon (flavor varies)

~1 pack of brats (elk or bison)

- This box contains approximately one pound of 85/15 Angus ground beef, grass-raised, grain finished locally raised in Joliet or Edgar, Montana and locally USDA processed.

- The gourmet bacon and brats are premium hand-crafted and smoked in Bozeman, Montana (USDA). 

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