King Crab Legs (Delivery - BIL)

King Crab Legs (Delivery - BIL)

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Pacific King Crab

Unbeatable addition to your holiday celebrations!

These crab legs are already cooked and just require 4-5 minutes of boiling, steaming, or baking at 400° F.  Pair with melted butter or dipping sauces to turn your holiday meal into a great memory.

Each pack contains both claws and legs.  2-3 legs and possibly one claw for a minimum of 2.5 LBs per pack.  

Delivery specifics:
We deliver every Monday in Billings and surrounding areas. It is not necessary for anyone to be home when a seafood order is delivered. However, we ask that a cooler be left out, and we will use dry ice to guarantee your seafood order will stay frozen to maintain its premium quality. 
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